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Based on the business philosophy of "quality casts confidence", the company attracts, trains and respects talents. Provide talented people with a vibrant innovation space and an environment to display their talents.


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Business Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the work requirements under the leadership of the superior, and be able to handle and solve the tasks in charge;
2. Develop customer resources, find potential customers and achieve sales goals;
3. Sign sales contracts and record accounts related to sales;
4. Solve customer complaints about sales and service;


1. There is no limit on gender, age, college degree or above, and major;
2. Sales experience is preferred;
3. Strong communication skills, coordination skills and;
4. Strong dedication;


Job responsibilities:

1. Formulate and implement the daily maintenance plan of equipment;
2. Be responsible for the repair, installation, commissioning, replacement, lubrication and maintenance of mechanical equipment;
3. The equipment to be repaired must be reported and repaired, and the equipment maintenance records shall be made.


1. Male, 28-50 years old, technical secondary school or above, major in machine repair and other related majors;
2. Hardworking, serious and responsible.