Product Development

10 years of focus
It has cultivated Ares' technical strength and built ares's technical team.

Ares Digital Equipment has been working tirelessly to climb to the top of manufacturing technology. We have maintained long-term friendly cooperation with domestic research institutes. We are recruiting top talents in the industry to build a creative R&D team, and we have established a digital algorithm research and design center in Europe, gathering advanced technology ideas from around the world.We bring digitalization to the traditional printing industry, enabling it to create intelligent upgrades in the production process. At the same time, we redefine production processes in the industry through AI, use the most powerful algorithms to monitor and analyze production data, build a stable production network, and improve production efficiency, so that we can grow together with our customers.

Technical Service

Use the latest intelligent image acquisition to effectively digitize the ceramic tile design. This process combines intelligent image acquisition and industrial computer technology to automatically process design information. It is the world's first product with independent intellectual property rights and national invention patents.

Color intelligent calibrator

AI technology is applied to the development of ceramic tile products, which can be effectively restored to inkjet printing documents. Reduce the time for ceramic enterprise designers to develop color matching, color chasing and copy, improve work efficiency and improve quality.